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My intention is to support you and your journey to love.

I love working with women like you to create relationship habits that nurture your heart and soul and make a difference with the people you care about at home and in the world!

As human beings, your basic habits for interacting were formed in childhood.  What did you do if your parents were fighting?  If you hid in the closet when they fought, now when there is conflict at home, you might go hide in your bedroom. (And conflict at work might send you to your office to calm down.) 

My new website – LoveLeadConnect.com – has a home for topics on both love and leadership/business.  We are one person.  There’s a separate blog and separate web pages for courses and other offerings.  And maybe, you’ll be interested in both.  

Will you join me at at https://LoveLeadConnect.com?



You may be in one of 3 places in your relationship journey:

1. You are married or in a long-term committed relationship and – maybe you’ve lost that loving feeling…

  • Do you feel disconnected or that you’ve lost your passion emotionally and/or maybe, as a couple, you are not as sexually active as you would like?
  • Is your communication more reaction than creation?    Do you feel like you can’t say how you really feel or that you are misunderstood?
  • Have you ever felt like if you knew how to say what you want to say it would all work out so much better?
  • Are you thinking of divorce, worried about it, or wondering if he is “the right one” for you?

2. You are in a newer committed relationship and…

  • Are you feeling disconnected, concerned about where you stand and wondering if you have a future or even want a future with him?
  • Are thing “OK” but you are having disagreements and disappointments, it’s getting harder to make things work … and you’re afraid it’s only going to get worse unless something changes?
  • Are you wondering what you can do to have the magic back?

3. You might be single but you want a committed relationship and you know from your past experiences that you need support…

  • Are you sick of dating because you are meeting men who are not healthy for you?
  • Do you want to be a better partner so you attract a man with whom you feel a deep connection?
  • Are you unclear what it will take for you to sustain lasting love when you find a great partner?  How will you develop the relationship skills you will need to keep your relationship growing and deepening over time?


I’ve been in all three places and been on my own journey for the last 40+ years. First, I was single for almost 30 years.  A few years before I connected with my husband, I had finally figured out the missing pieces to create my own strategy to be happy, confident and fulfilled about being single and dating. Then I met my husband and everything fell into place!  And now I’ve been married over 20 years and have created my own strategy to be happy, confident and fulfilled being married.

I recognized and stopped the relationship habits I had created to protect myself by pushing men away unconsciously.  I discovered ways to open my heart to let love in and make my husband the man of my dreams every day. (I do have my moments but I’m aware usually within minutes of what I did so I can self-correct and apologize.)

Now, I help women like you be the amazing, loving women you are – feel the love of others, let their love fill your heart, and create a love-filled relationship with your soulmate. If you have a “good” man, you can make him a great partner for you. When you spend time with me on my blog, our “Relationship Mastery” Facebook group, or an individual or group coaching, we’ll work on aligning your mind, body, heart, and soul so you are free to create your life and have the love you want.

You will develop the skills you need in love, with friends and family, and at work. Life will be simpler and easier to navigate and how you show up is an expression of who you are and not a reaction to others!

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