I have spent my whole life preparing to help others navigate their love journey.  When I was 46 I had a life-changing moment when I realized that even though I thought I was a very loving woman, I was not experiencing the love that was all around me. Unbeknownst to me, the love I didn’t have – from a man – was more important than the love that I did have from my friends and family.

When I realized I was blocking love from softening my heart and soul, I started to practice letting love in from everyone.  

Two years later I connected with Chuck, my future husband.  By practicing letting love in for the prior two years, when Chuck showed up, I was ready to let his love in and give love with no expectation of love in return.  I was also ready to see him for who he really was – and we had a soul-to-soul connection.  He didn’t look like he was “The One” (my Prince, my soulmate, the man of my dreams) – he was bald, had five children ages 15-24, and had just separated from his second wife.  I had a rule never to date recently divorced men and he was recently separated.  Yet, after a few nights of conversation, I felt so at home with him, more than with any man I had ever known. Until Chuck, I was never going to get married – didn’t even want to, although I did want a monogamous committed relationship. 

If I could find love and make it last for 20 years (when all my relationships before never lasted longer than 2 years) then so can you.  I hope you will let me walk with you on your journey.