The Game Changer: Inspirational Stories That Changed Lives Vol. 2

Marilyn’s chapter, “My Journey to Lasting Love,” tells the story of her journey from being a single woman to finally letting love in so she was ready to commit. She shares some critical lessons she learned early on that helped her in her transition from being single to being married. 

The Game Changer: Inspirational Stories That Changed Lives Vol. 3

Marilyn’s chapter in Volume 3 is entitled “All-In.”  She shares a meltdown that was the beginning of a series of breakthroughs she had after being married for four years.  In part 2 of her journey to lasting love, she discovered the power of really honoring and living her vows every day.

She became a true partner, acting from love instead of fear, and being responsible for her own joy. She brought magic to her marriage instead of waiting for magic to show up.  Marilyn discovered she could bring magic to each moment instead of waiting for it to show up when she committed fully to making her marriage work… with no back door! 



Episode 11, “The Way to Sweeter Juice with Marilyn Sutherland,”

I sat down with Lucas Peterson about, as he said, some tips & tricks on better communication, stress, and conflict.
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