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The course title isn’t sexy but the work is powerful and there are simple instructions to implement each lesson. You’ll learn several areas where you can make a small shift and you can begin to try new ways of thinking, feeling, acting and speaking. By the end of this course, you will have integrated several new practices that will impact all your key relationships – your partner, children, family, friends, colleagues, and employees.

There are 8 weekly group coaching sessions on-line (Zoom platform). You’ll have one or more individual coaching sessions with Marilyn so she can tailor her coaching to your individual needs. In addition, you will have access to call recordings, slides, practices, and resources to begin observing and exploring your current communication habits and practicing the new ones. You will be part of the course Facebook Group where you post your practice answers and insights, ask questions and get support. A 3-Day Live Event in Dallas, Texas, is included where you will integrate your new habits so they become your new normal! The more you participate, the more powerful your results!

How It Works

Communication is important in any relationship, whether it be romantically or with friends, family, and co-workers. Join Marilyn in an engaging, welcoming environment as you learn mastery of key communication skills to create stronger and more meaningful relationships in your life. Engage through self-study, webinars, group sessions, and a special live event as you come to:


Create partnerships in your relationships


Connect and Respond to others for deeper connection


Understand your emotional habits


Learn how to trust and forgive

Course Topics

Life Wheel Exercise

Skills for Success

What Effective Communication Means for You

Creating Partnership

Connecting and Responding

Emotional Habits

Masculine and Feminine Energy

Requests vs Demands




Empathetic Listening


Marilyn never gave up on me or us.

Marilyn’s commitment to me and her caring about my quality of life (I’m dealing with an autoimmune disease) was amazing. Her listening is impeccable. She knew exactly what to say that worked to create an opening and freedom for me and my husband in each situation we dealt with.

I feel beyond blessed that she took a huge stand for our relationship. How lucky am I to have someone with such a strong commitment to our, and our son’s, happiness and futures. She created a space in the course and led us with the greatest compassion and care to a place of growth, peace, love and a breakthrough that we never thought would happen. Marilyn never gave up on me or us!

Sarah Bentley, Chiropractor

From Resentment to Love

I had a private coaching call with Marilyn as part of my group coaching program. The call was lovely, encouraging, inspiring, honestly brutal (in a positive way) and I admitted to, and learned, some important dynamics that I need to work on.

The main focus is my approach to my husband. I describe my approach as more dictator style than anything. I have a lot of resentments I’ve held on to over the years and I haven’t let them go and forgiven him and myself for being resentful.

I’m embarrassed that I’m kind and generous at work, but not with my husband, the man I love who I’ve been married to almost 30 years. I’m very clear that it’s time for me to change and start speaking from love, not resentment. In the weeks since my coaching call, we’re finally worked together to get a second house ready to rent. I’m excited and see so many new possibilities for feeling closer to him. And, after feeling stuck for months, I’m in action on job hunting and have two interviews in the next week.

Thanks to Marilyn’s combination of humor, compassion, loving directness (just the right touch), and wisdom, I am letting go of old habits that don’t work and I’m ready to change. I feel how committed she is to support me and everyone else in the course. She is so, so inspiring. I’m proud to be in this group.

Humbly Human,
Andrea, 43, Washington, DC

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