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Relationship Coaching

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Are you considering or serious about finding a Relationship Coach?
If your answer is yes, here are some common questions that may help you figure out your next steps.

What is a coach?

A coach is someone who is trained to guide others on a journey – it can be in general for your life, in relationships, grief, diet or health or another area. 

How is coaching with Marilyn different from other coaches?

Our life is a reflection of patterns of beliefs, thoughts, feelings, speaking and action that we do over and over that have become habits. We have been practicing some habits for decades so they are not as easy to change AND WE CAN CHANGE by creating new habits that will support us in the fuller expression of who we really are.

Working with Marilyn in a group or individual coaching, you will


We all have habits that kill off love and joy in your life. You will uncover the automatic habits of beliefs, thoughts, feelings, speaking, and action that you do in life  These come from our Ego/Personality that are about surviving not thriving in life. For example, when someone is embarrassed or shamed or abused by parents or classmates, they learn to withdraw or become invisible to avoid the pain. They were not born withdrawn; they learned that behavior to survive. This is the typical life of being human, borne from years of practicing how to survive and get through the day.


By practicing new strategies that deal with your “Whole Self” – mind, body, heart, gut, and your “True Self” (spirit, soul), you will begin to create a new and healthy relationship and life habits to live your best self.  Examples of some basic strategies include softening your “Edge” (harsh emotional reactions), mindfulness techniques to build self-awareness, and cultivating curiosity. Each strategy opens new doorways to knowing and appreciating your unique gifts and strengths.


Change is the result of building new habits (meaning new neural pathways in your brain). When you drive the same way to work every day, What you practice grows stronger, so with practice, you will change how you show up in the world for yourself and for others. You will be coached in how to deal with the possible resistance to how you are changing and teach others other to interact with you as you are changing. 

 Marilyn uses multiple strategies to support you in understanding your beliefs which drive your habits and how you show up in the world (thoughts, feelings, what you say and do). Once you have self-awareness that your experience of life every day is a reflection of your beliefs and habits, and seeking validation from others, then you can create new habits that give you the experience of life you want and a natural confidence and strength can emerge. 

You turn inward

You turn inward with confidence realizing that who you really are is not the mistakes that fill you with shame, fear or guilt or even the success you had in the past that make you proud of yourself at the moment until you make a mistake. Confidence is also not how you look, your roles, or anything else about getting attention or being seen by others. This is your Ego/Personality and it’s filling yourself from your external world – what others say and do, your circumstances, and/or your successes or what you have.

Much of how we live in the world is from our Ego/Personality. There is also another part of us that is often hidden – who we really are. I call that your “True Self.” This reflects the innate human spirit in all of us – such as generosity, perseverance, compassion, joy, love, and strength. Our True Self knows it has these qualities already and operates from them. All of us have lived from True Self at times but for most of us, we must cultivate it. You could say that being grateful or meditation are accepted ways we can practice to access our True Self.

“I have 9 siblings who always want my help. One of my sisters lives in my building. She was always trying to tell me about her relationship and I feel I’m in the middle. I told my sister and her boyfriend I am out of their relationship. Now each time my sister tries to tell me about her boyfriend, now I tell her I don’t want to hear it.  I’ve never done that before.  I feel better about myself.   I have peace now. I removed the drama out of my house.

Working with Marilyn and doing the assignments, I realize I’m letting my life pass me by. Just because my siblings ask me for help (time and money) doesn’t mean I have to do it.  I can say “NO” and step back from them. I’ve been afraid to open the door into my life since my husband died. I’m starting to open the door and rays of sunshine are coming into my life. All I have to do is step out into my life and get what I want!”

Andi P.

Widow for 20 years, has not dated since losing her husband

“Marilyn helped me through a difficult time when I was grieving.

My husband wanted to support me but the ways he tried to support me made me feel upset and angry.  Marilyn helped me come up with the words and the ways to explain to him how he could support me in ways that worked for me.

Her listening, and then coaching, of me, really helped me find the right words… and it worked!  We were able to go out to dinner and a movie after I told him what I needed. We had a really nice connection.

Marilyn is a great listener and a very wise coach about relationships. I highly recommend her.”

Laura Cornell, Ph.D.

Founder of Divine Feminine Yoga

“Marilyn is an amazing coach with a deep understanding of relationships.  After struggling with a blended family, Marilyn showed me how to create a home that was more open and understanding.  Her practices for gratitude created a stronger bond between not only my husband and I but also my children.  I have come to see that even my children’s bonds with each other strengthened and they have been kinder and more loving to each other.  Marilyn’s course has created an invaluable impact on my life, and I couldn’t be more grateful!”

Sarah K.

Married for 9 years, Mother of 4