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Relationship Coaching

There comes a point in your life when you know you are stuck and you are ready to shed  who you’ve been to be who you really are – your “True Self.”  Private coaching with me could be just what you need if you want a one-on-one coaching relationship.  Click on the button below to learn more about private coaching and if it’s right for you.  


Effective Communication: Deeper Connection

The Effective Communication: Deeper Connection course provides strategies, tools, and techniques to make the difference in your communications with your spouse/life partner, parents, children, clients, colleagues, your boss and anyone else where your communication impacts the quality of your life.

How can this course work with a spouse, someone you are dating, your parents, and your employees?

Because these are fundamental relationship and communication skills that no one ever taught us or maybe knew about them, but without practice, they are not available to us when we need them.

In this class, you’ll begin to gain mastery of the skills you need to be your best self – in love, business, and life. These skills are difficult to practice on your own but easier to do with the support of a coach and a community!

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Your Journey to Lasting Love for Women Who Are Ready to Love More Fully

We all do things that push love and partnership away.  In this 10-month program of individual and group coaching, you will transform how you show up so you can have the love you want and the skills you need to be more confident, grateful, happier, more loving and more willing to express the love you have for others.

This course is for you if you are ready to have more love in your life.  It works for women who are not dating and want to, are single and dating but not meeting appropriate partners, not sure if your partner is healthy for you, or in a committed relationship with someone you love but have patterns that don’t work.

There are two parts:

1. Skills for Knowing and Loving Yourself.  

Your success and fulfillment in love and life comes from knowing yourself, loving yourself and living consistent with your values and goals. We’ll uncover any behaviors you are doing that are pushing love away, including unrealistic expectations and sabotaging beliefs about you, love and life. If you are looking for love from a partner, you are needy so you learn to love yourself first.  With true self-confidence, knowing who you are and the gifts and talents you offer, you are ready to connect authentically with others and navigate love.

2. Relationship and Communication Skills for Creating a Loving Partnership.

We’ll delve into your beliefs and habits that are sabotaging your relationships and reprogram them. You’ll learn and develop mastery of foundational relationship and communication habits. Instead of reacting to the conversational and behavioral differences between you and others, you’ll learn how to create safety in your relationship and honor and resolve differences. You’ll discover how to know when to trust others and when not to.  You’ll delve into the ways you push others away and practice how to transform your relationships for lasting love.  You’ll be practicing the most important habits for you to attract and sustain the love you want. You will see how to embrace your sensuality and sexuality in a way that lets you feel comfortable in your own skin and create a new level of intimacy and love.  

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