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Why Did You Load the Dishwasher Like That? 9 Whopping Mistakes That Push Love Away

Feel more connected to the people in your life and have them feel more connected to you. This book is full of sage-old wisdom and leading-edge skills that will help you practice new habits to replace your current negative automatic reactions that sabotage collaboration, partnership, friendship, connection, and love so you can have the relationships you truly desire.

The Game Changer: Inspriational Stories That Changed Lives, Vol. 2

Marilyn’s chapter, “My Journey to Lasting Love,” tells the story of her journey from being a single woman to finally letting love in so she was ready to commit. She shares some critical lessons she learned early on that helped her in her transition from being single to being married. 

The Game Changer: Inspirational Stories That Changed Lives, Vol. 3

Marilyn’s chapter in Volume 3 is entitled “All-In.”  She shares a meltdown that was the beginning of a series of breakthroughs she had after being married for four years.  In part 2 of her journey to lasting love, she discovered the power of really honoring and living her vows every day.

Praise for “Why Did You Load the Dishwasher Like That? 9 Whopping Mistakes That Push Love Away”

“Whopping Mistakes” shows us how to love in conscious, nourishing ways that can cause our relationships to flourish and thrive. Filled with wisdom, humor and just plain good guidance, Marilyn Sutherland has hit the nail on the head when it comes to deepening love.


Katherine Woodward Thomas
New York Times Bestselling Author of Calling in “The One”



Marilyn writes articles for her blog on Your Journey to Lasting Love as part of her Love Lead Connect network.

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