So, you made it past the first few dates! Now what? How you go about getting to know this new person depends on what your purpose is in dating.  The kind of person you want to just have fun with or have sex with may be very different from the kind of person who you want to have as a committed life partner and have a child with. This article is for you if you
I asked several male friends over 40 years old, “What turns you off that women have no clue about?” You probably have heard at least some of these turn-offs from men; however, knowing these are issues for men may not have motivated you to stop doing them. Maybe this article will help you understand the impact to your relationships. Here are 5 of the top turn-offs men said. 1. You dumb yourself down. If you
We have many opportunities to complain and make ourselves and others miserable. And we also have the opportunity to live life like we are in paradise. Choose. We recently attended a business and marketing training on a Caribbean cruise line. Amazing learning! And, there were several things that happened that were irritating: the cruise ship had horrible wifi, the beach party on our last island stop – the one time I was going swimming in
Have you ever noticed that your stress level rises around the holidays?  Too much family or lonely?  Worried about saying or doing the right thing whether it’s hosting a dinner party, giving the right gift, or even working hard to finish your work at the end of the year so you get a promotion next year?  Stress can amp up anytime when you are worried about making others happy, others judging you and/or when you
When I enter the ten-foot long hallway to my office, I practice walking slowly and feeling my feet on the floor. I’m creating a “Tiny Habit” to be more mindful instead of rushing around.  It’s a tiny habit because it takes a few seconds not even a minute. (See I’m not practicing walking slowly everywhere, only this one place (at least to start). I keep forgetting then remembering. Sometimes I remember after the first few