I’m happy you are here. Before we continue, I need your agreement to Confidentiality and Participation so we have a safe space to do the work to transform our relationships.


I know you want to feel like you can share with the others in the course and your confidentiality will be protected. 

To help ensure that, please read and accept the Confidentiality Agreement


  • fiber_manual_recordI agree to create a sacred space for all to share and explore the truth of our experience without judgment.  I will hold in confidence anything shared in the Facebook group, at Live Events and on calls except what Marilyn or I share.
  • fiber_manual_recordI will not share the handouts or recordings with others. 


I know you want to have a supportive community on the calls,  at Live Events and in our community. To help ensure that, please read and accept the Participation Agreement.


  • fiber_manual_recordI understand that if I don’t do the work, I won’t change my thinking/beliefs, emotional reactions what I say and my behavior, and then I won’t have the results I want.
  • fiber_manual_recordIf I am doing the calls Live Online then I will be on the calls live, if possible, and if I miss a call, listen within 72 hours.
  • fiber_manual_recordI will do the assigned exercises and practices, such as observing myself as I go through my day and make notes of what I see. The more I focus on this as I live my life, the faster I will integrate my new behaviors as habits.
  • fiber_manual_recordParticipate/Engage in our Facebook group:
    • fiber_manual_recordPost assigned work on the Facebook page (or email to Marilyn if confidential)
    • fiber_manual_recordEngage in Facebook discussions
    • fiber_manual_recordComment on others’ posts providing support and sharing my own experience


By checking “I accept” below, I am agreeing to honor the Confidentiality and Participation Agreements.

This is a requirement to be in the Effective Communication: Deeper Connection course.

I accept
I do not accept